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Privacy and data protection

The expanding number of countries implementing data privacy/cybersecurity requirements in the Asia-Pacific region, some with severe penalties for noncompliance, presents a challenge for anyone conducting business in the region. It would be one thing if they perfectly aligned with the GDPR, but each one appears to have its own flavour, requirements, and purpose. Several entities have fairly standard GDPR responsibilities, such as data subject notification, consent requirements, retention and security requirements. However, several have very specific applications.

Privacy and data protection expert.

Organisations and the digital world are increasingly intertwined in the present day. For this reason, privacy and data protection are gaining significance and deserve the attention of every organisation. In addition to avoiding penalties from regulators and ensuring business continuity, an organisation must also avoid giving customers the impression that it treats personal data carelessly. This could lead to claims and reputational harm, which could result in a loss of revenue. Moreover, without adequate privacy and security measures, organisations are more susceptible to intrusions, which can result in the loss of data or income. This can be avoided by incorporating privacy and data protection into the organization’s DNA.

Every organisation is required to conduct risk assessments and identify potential privacy and cybersecurity risks. Do you require assistance in the area? Or, are you interested in outsourcing the function of privacy officer or data protection officer? Need advice or assistance with additional privacy and cybersecurity issues? Partner in Compliance is your solution!

How do we operate?

CCG Asia offers a personalised service

No standard answer exists for the question of how an organisation complies with privacy laws and regulations (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR). Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam have distinct legal requirements in the field of Privacy & Data Protection Laws. Moreover, privacy legislation is predicated on a risk-based approach, so each organization’s privacy activities are unique.

Each organisation requires a unique strategy for implementing the necessary cybersecurity standards. During implementation, it is essential to consider the organisational structure, (digital) infrastructure, corporate culture, and (external) risks.

We provide temporary or long-term assistance, including the following services:

The design and implementation of a compliance programme for privacy;

  • Recommendations regarding the implementation of safeguards for the digital environment;
  • Recommendations regarding the implementation of privacy controls;
  • Support of your compliance department, privacy officers, and corporate law specialists and solicitors – or the full function of the data protection officer (DPO) or privacy officer when this is not possible internally;
  • Outsourcing in its entirety of a privacy endeavour to a multidisciplinary project team;
  • Support and guidance on privacy issues relating to outsourcing, business growth, and the introduction of new technologies;
  • Our privacy consultants provide guidance in the area of privacy compliance, including the Privacy Compass, privacy audits, risk analyses, privacy impact assessments, and quick scanning.
  • Providing training on topics related to privacy and cybersecurity;
  • Support for security education programmes;
  • Communication support with internal and external parties, such as consumer organisations, government institutions, and regulators such as the data protection authorities.


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