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A consultancy and services firm with a pan-Asian presence, Catalyst consultancy Group Asia (CCG Asia) focuses largely on KYC, AML, Onboarding, Compliance, and outsourcing with cutting-edge products and services powered by technology.

We have developed extensive international KYC & AML and CDD Financial Consulting services at CCG Asia with our sister company Catalyst consultancy Group Europe. Our services are created to assist you in adhering to the financial industry’s constantly evolving local and international regulatory standards. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions that address all KYC & AML and CDD requirements, from initial client onboarding to continuous monitoring and reporting.

Whether you’re a large international financial institution or a small regional financial institution, our consulting services are designed to match your unique requirements. We have a seasoned group of qualified consultants that are deeply knowledgeable in the particular field of expertise required for the project. They can assist you in creating a unique solution that satisfies your objectives. We’ve created our solutions to be economical and effective so you can concentrate on what really matters: offering top-notch client service and adhering to legal requirements.

We are aware that KYC & AML and CDD compliance may be challenging and time-consuming, but we can make it simpler for you with our full range of services. Any inquiries you may have concerning our services may be addressed by our staff. We look forward to assisting you in succeeding in this constantly shifting environment.

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Request a free-of-charge consultation with one of our specialists, no strings attached. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of financial legislation and regulation. Their experience in supporting the application of these laws is beyond compare. After filling out the form, we’ll contact you within two working days.