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You must have an efficient and independent compliance unit if you are a financial institution. Although the necessary skills and information are not always available, the role needs to be filled with the appropriate knowledge. An answer might be the appointment of an outside specialists in the field you feel understaffed

Outsource options we offer in-house and by outplacement

Structural need for specialist knowledge on an ad hoc basis

Is the staffing within your organization in order, but are the many changes in laws and regulations making it difficult for the internal department to keep up? Then outsourcing can offer a solution to supplement the knowledge and skills of your people. The internal department remains in control and only uses an external party, such as CCG Asia, when necessary. We call this co-sourcing. We can further develop your employees’ skills and knowledge through coaching while your organization continues its search for a structural solution.

Support for backlog

The practice has shown that the best way to eliminate a backlog is by setting up a project. If there is insufficient internal capacity for your project team, you can deploy an external project team. Thus, outsourcing of the work has a clear start (the backlog) and end (open files have been handled). At the same time, your own people can focus on the new onboarding cases of new customers.

In case of a tight deadline

Is there a deadline that makes it impossible to perform the necessary CDD work internally? For example, a deadline from a supervisory authority? In practice, also then, a project is often set up with an external project team. Your own people can then focus on regular work. The external project team focuses on the activities arising from the additional demand of the supervisor. It is important that the external project team is knowledgeable and can start quickly. Based on best practice, which saves time.

In case of structurally insufficient capacity

Are there structurally too few people to assess new or old files? Then you might consider deploying extra staff via CCG Asia. The final direction remains with your organization.

This extra staff can support the standard work, such as the simple checks or the preparatory work for the CDD analyst. In-house, at your organization. This includes requesting customer information and file checks for natural persons. A specialist compliance agency, such as CCG Asia, can guide the interim staff to ensure that the work is done efficiently and in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Unlike a secondment or employment agency, a specialist firm can provide the CDD analysts and Quality Assurance consultants necessary to complete the review of files. A specialized firm offers the advantage that the working method is tested immediately and the procedures on the work floor are optimized.

We can be brief about it. We only close a project and consider it accomplished once the agreed-upon result has been achieved. We ensure to deliver the highest quality services within the desired timeframe.

How do you benefit from working with us?

Committed effective team

We offer you one or two dedicated senior managers who knows your organization well. Our consultants are specialists in the broad field of compliance and motivated professionals. They have the right knowledge and experience to answer your needs. Their project approach is based on best practices, which guarantees time-saving.

Which approach best suits your organization?

There is no standard answer to this question. As a specialized consulting firm, we are happy to help you answer the question of what is the best approach for your organization.

Consultation without Obligation

Request a free-of-charge consultation with one of our specialists, no strings attached. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of financial legislation and regulation. Their experience in supporting the application of these laws is beyond compare. After filling out the form, we’ll contact you within two working days.