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Asian and Europe Consulting

At CCG Asia, we are proud of our ability to provide specialised consulting services for the financial industry on two distinct continents, Asia and Europe. Our primary area of expertise is regulatory consulting, where we have refined our skills in compliance and risk management to facilitate seamless cross-border business operations in these regions.

With an unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers, we specialise in developing compliance and risk solutions that facilitate more efficient business operations between the Asian and European markets. Our comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environments in both regions enables us to navigate complexities and ensure our clients’ compliance with differing legal requirements.

Our extensive network spanning Asia and Europe is what genuinely distinguishes us. This network functions as a link between companies seeking to enter new markets. Through our market entry solutions, we guide and assist businesses in establishing a presence and thriving in a variety of economic settings.

Catalyst Consulting Group Asia & Europe was founded with a distinct mission in mind: to serve businesses with pan-Asian and European expansion goals. Our mission is to enable businesses to broaden their horizons, grasp opportunities, and flourish in a globally interconnected economy.

From regulatory compliance to market entry strategies, we are committed to guiding businesses to success in both the dynamic Asian and European financial environments.

Our procedure:

We can conduct an independent evaluation (or audit) of your proposed business model. We will first evaluate the business model, focusing on the governance and design of the regulatory requirements that your organisation must meet. We will also examine the current framework. We will be given tasks, duties, and responsibilities, as well as instructions on how to perform and report on activities. In addition to our consulting experience, we determine how “mature” and effective your business model is in this manner. If the evaluation identifies areas for improvement, we will provide specific solutions.

Consultation without Obligation

Request a free-of-charge consultation with one of our specialists, no strings attached. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of financial legislation and regulation. Their experience in supporting the application of these laws is beyond compare. After filling out the form, we’ll contact you within two working days.